Fat Cats

21 Jan

19/01/12  17:35

Walked up Bishopsgate and there are three people dressed in cat suits handing out samples of biscuits for cats in yellow plastic sachets.  Most people don’t immediately realise it is cat food.  A few isolated individuals are eating it but most realise something is up when they look at the picture of a cat on the front, or note that the biscuits are ‘tuna and chicken flavour’.  They throw them on the floor in disgust.  ‘Is this some sort of sick joke?’  they are thinking, ‘Some form of innovative protest by the Occupy London group?’   By the entrance to Liverpool Street station, the street floor is covered with cat biscuits.  This must be one of the signs…

Cycling down Liverpool Street I am almost run over by a limosine.  The numberplate reads : S K 1 I N T


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